Thursday, 6 January 2011

Broccoli....go and get it

One of my favorite veggies is broccoli! Yup, this much loved cruciferous vegetable has special powers to help ward off cancer, enhance good digestive health, eliminate nasty Xenohormes and reduce fat around hips and thighs. (See older post titled, Big Hips, Big Thighs and Fatter Tri's.) It's highly nutritious and versatile; it's great lightly steamed, sautéed and raw. (If you find cruciferous vegetables hard to digest then always steam them for a couple minutes before eating). Also, believe it or not, adding some organic butter to your broccoli (or any other green veg) makes it easier for your body to absorb the minerals!

Here are three great reasons to include broccoli as a regular in your grocery basket...

Promotes a healthy nervous system as this green goddess of a vegetable is a good source of vitamin B2, otherwise known as riboflavin, which can help calm and nourish nerve fibers. It also promotes healthy skin, nails and hair, benefits vision and helps to alleviate the pain of migraine headaches.

Supports bone health because it's a good source of vitamin K and calcium - both of which prevent brittle bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Helps Detoxification of any excess “bad” estrogens (16-alpha-hydroxyestrone) and Xenohormones as Sulforaphane (the leading compound in broccoli) selectively boosts enzymes, enhancing the detoxification of cells. These indirect antioxidants eliminate many types of free radicals and recycle and remain active for up to three days. This is also the compound that helps reduce fat and cellulite on hips and thighs….just an added bonus ;)

One of my favorite snacks is to have slightly steamed (2 mins) broccoli, chilled with organic hummus.


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