Thursday, 30 July 2009

Women and Their Lazy-Arse Thyroids

Have you been noticing some FUN symptoms such as your energy plummeting, digestion becoming sluggish (and your daily ..ahem...B.M. not quite so daily) as well as slowly gaining extra pounds? If your answer is, yes..

We, ladies, sure have many balls to juggle when it comes to our health. One, which often goes unnoticed, is subtle changes in thyroid gland activity. This illusive gland located at the base of your neck holds a lot of power over your energy, moods, fertility, weight and even keeping your hair. It often is hard to decipher the cause of low energy, poor digestion and thinning eyebrows right away so you often just shrug your shoulders and say, I must just be stressed, not getting enough sleep or this must be part of aging. Though one or all of these may be true and partly responsible for the changes you've noticed, it might be worth considering that women are 10 times more likely than men to develop hypothyroidism (low thyroid activity). A lot of doctors (particularly those that treat holistically) are finding that an increasing number of women as young as early 20s are complaining of symptoms associated with hypothyroidism. Blood tests show that most of these patients have thyroid level falling in the bottom end of the 'normal' range. The medical community calls this 'subclinical hypothyroidism'. I prefer to call it Lazy-Arse Thyroidism!

If you are suffering from the following SUPER FUN symptoms of Lazy-Arse Thyroidism...

1. Wanting to sink under your duvet for most of the day instead of facing the world

2. Are finding yourself in an abusive, love-hate relationship with carbohydrates consisting of energy boosts alternating with crashes

3. Finding tumbleweeds of your gorgeous locks blowing across your floor (and then desperately trying to glue them to your eyebrows)

4. Find that you're going longer between bowel movements than ‘normal’

5. Are unsuccessful in getting pregnant or have recently had a baby and are now experiencing the above symptoms may want to consider asking your doctor for a full thyroid panel and make sure you go to your appointment with a written list of even your most subtle symptoms.

Though, there are natural approaches you can take to managing this sensitive gland but you might possibly need a prescription. The bottom line is that balancing your thyroid can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and the outside world.

More to come - natural ways to boost thyroid production.

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